Viscon Hydroponics

The new way of growing

Why growing hydroponically?

The growing on deep water creates many food safety advantages.

Controlled Environment: Viscon Hydroponics enables you to leave the open field and produce in a safe an controlled enviroment. Growing in the greenhouse gives you advantages regarding food safety, considering no faeces can be dropped on the product.
Food Safety: In the hydroponics system the use of pesticides can be limited, because the environment can be controlled much better. Different disease hazards can be excluded from the closed system, which helps you to bring back your use of chemicals.

Why choose Viscon Hydroponics?

Viscon fully organises & automates the growing of the young plants.
Viscon supplies a vital young plant, which will give good results through the entire process.
Viscon has designed the system with as little parts as possible, so cleaning will be an efficient operation.
Viscon uses plastic floats, which can be cleaned easily.
Viscon designed floats which keeps the product in the correct staggered pattern, no matter how you place the floats in your basin. This gives you a better use of your available surface.
Viscon moves away from the traditional soil blocks. The soil block was once intended for planting in the field. New production methods require matching, well thought out and cleaner growing methods.

Food safety and hydroponic
growing go hand in hand.

Advantages regarding sustainability?

Savings in fertilizer: Fertilizer stays in the system and isn’t being drained out in the field as occurs with the traditional growing method.
Water efficiency: The system is very water efficient. The water doesn’t flush out. The water will be consumed by the crop and needs to be added daily.
Uniformity: Each product has the same water intake, which creates uniform result.
The soil doesn’t need to be processed after every cycle.
Efficiency: During winter you can still grow product because the water can be heated and artificial lighting can be added. The floats have an isolating effect on the water, which enables you to grow in cold periods as well.
Automation: This system is a transportation system in itself, because the product is floating: the product can be transported automatically.