Cofco – China

Cofco in the Haidian District in China will start producing Multi Color Lettuce on deep water. The entrepreneurial company active in many industries, has been focusing on food safe fresh produce production for the Chinese Market. The investment in a Viscon Hydrponics is a new step in that direction. Cofco also invested in a complete ‘Growpact’ Seedingline. Growpact is the Viscon initiative focusing on providing access to quality young plants all over the world. Growpact provides everything required for an optimal young plant production in one container.

After decades of experience in the automation of quality young plants, Visser Horti Systems (part of the Viscon Group and specializing in young plant production) combined all their knowledge on subsrate, product carriers, watering & seeding to design the Growpact Seeding line. Growpact is interesting for companies who want to produce their own young plants, in small or medium projects as well. The technology is ‘smart tech’ and can easily be operated. The Growpact Line provides optimal young plants for the Viscon Hydrponic system and gives you opportunity to keep everything in house. Viscon wishes Cofco an efficient and food safe operation and good luck in their new direction!