Consultancy for your Hydroponic system

Viscon Hydroponics takes their service to the next level. Besides all the hardware and software, we also provide expert consultancy to start and sustain your operation. Growing hydroponically on deep water is a specialized growing technique. Our consultancy company ViConsultancy offers expertise knowledge and assistance for Viscon Hydroponic Owners. Every plant has a specific optimal growing protocol. ViConsultancy assists you in the development of protocols for your plants. Once your hydroponic system is up and running, we can also provide training for your staff to ensure a great start and a sustainable production.

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New level of hydroponic automation!

How does hydroponic growing actually work? This very much depends on the chosen system and the level of automation you want…

Internal transport for existing greenhouses

Viscon also supplies internal transport systems for leafy products. The Visser Monorail System is an internal logistics system

Babyleaf on hydroponics

Viscon Industrials designed a special tray for the production of babyleaf. This special tray matches the

Retail Packaging for your Hydroponic product

Viscon now also supplies from grower to retail! Our marketing company Viscon Aimfresh designs ready made

A plant factory for your young plants

Viscon is your partner for multi layer growing as well. Our patented multi layer growing concept

Young plant cultivation system for hydroponic growing

Many hardy/leafy products that are being grown hydroponically, are still being propagated traditionally.