Young plant cultivation system for hydroponic growing

Many hardy/leafy products that are being grown hydroponically, are still being propagated traditionally. Viscon believes that a new unique growing system requires a new and unique young plant cultivation system. With that vision in mind, Viscon developed a complimentary propagation system in collaboration with many renowned growers, as well the extensive knowledge of the team at sister company Visser Horti Systems. Visser Horti Systems has been automating the young plant production processes since our very first automation in 1967.

The new system consists of a uniquely designed growing cup and an innovative growing box. The cup can be placed on any hydroponic system and will ensure enough buffer, sufficient access to oxygen, and a clean and tidy environment. The top of that cup has been designed to be handled automatically by our system. This enables the grower to sow, fill, and transplant seamlessly and automatically.

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