Growing of the young plant

Grow the ideal young plant

Young plant production is one of the most vital parts of a solid hydroponic system. Visser Horti Systems, part of the Viscon Group, has been specializing in the automation of young plant production since 1967. Therefore this expertise is available to Viscon Hydroponics. Due to the lengthy experience in young plant production, a unique system has been designed to grow the ideal young plant, that can be finished in the production area.

Young plant production is one of the most vital parts of a solid hydroponic system.


Growing Cup

The key of the growing process of the young plant lies in the black growing cup: the ‘grow’ cup, which has been specifically designed for an optimal growing result. Several growing aspects have been factored in, like optimal soil content, optimal buffer area and optimal root growth stimulation. Another important factor in the design is the fact that the cup can be handled by all Viscon & Visser automation. This creates substantial cost savings in larger operations or labour scarcity situations.

Growing Tray

The young plants are being grown in the special grow cup in the 18 or 28 cell grow tray. The grow trays are placed in the grow box.

Growing Box

The grow box is an essential part of the growing system, because this special growing box creates the optimal growing circumstances for the young plants in the grow cups. The roots get the best treatment regarding air and humidity. The seeds will germinate in the stacked grow boxes.

Young Plant

After germination the grow boxes will be placed on the floor in the young plant production area, equipped with an irrigation boom for uniform watering. The young plants are being grown up to the point they are big enough to be transplanted on to the floats.

Ready to be transplanted on the floats

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